Thank you for opening the 'Stories of our City - Now and Then' survey.

What is this survey about?

The City of Marion, in collaboration with Flinders University Archaeology, is conducting a survey to collect essential information and ideas about the living cultural heritage of our community. The survey will collect stories and information about what gives your life meaning. It will be used to explore ways of protecting and promoting the diversity of our cultural heritage.

What do we mean by cultural heritage?

There are things that we regard as important to celebrate today and to preserve for future generations. They may be significant because of their present economic, historical, cultural or social value. They may also create a certain emotion within us because they make us feel as though we belong to something—
a place, a tradition, a way of life. They might be objects that can be held and places that can be explored, or songs that can be sung and stories that can be told. Whatever shape they take, these things form a part of who we are.

Cultural heritage is not just about history, landscapes, buildings or collections of objects. It also includes traditions and living expressions of what we as a community have inherited and are creating, such as oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals, events, celebrations, religious customs and practices. It provides a link to the work and way of life of earlier generations; helps us understand who we are today and shapes what we will hand on to future generations.

Please complete this survey & help us to capture what’s important to you about your everyday culture in the City of Marion.