Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rate the educational sessions and activities scheduled for Day 1 of our conference surrounding the theme of “Cultivating Social and Emotional Competence for Healthy Relationships”.

* 1. Opening session keynote speaker: Kathy Maness, Executive Director of Palmetto State Teachers Association on recent legislative decisions and effective advocacy communication measures.

* 2. Merit Finalist AAFCS Teacher of the Year, Melody Weatherford with her “Engaging FCS Classroom Activities”

* 3. General session luncheon keynote speaker: Ward Morgan, Trident Technical College Culinary Institute of Charleston Sports and Health Nutrition Associate's Degree Program Advisor & Instructor on potential personal sports nutrition and/or health lessons in culinary arts labs

* 4. Pam McIntyre NCS Charlotte- on “Developing Children’s Social Skills in a Tech World”

* 5. Kathleen Hassett, International Culinary Institute Of Myrtle Beach: Overview of the newly opened facility and Farm-to-Table Food Trends of Today.

* 6. Dr. Matthews from Grand Strand Health on “Recognizing Opioid Addiction in Children - Physical and Emotional Signs”

* 7. Dee Hansen and Susan Hansen Staves - The Immutable Passion Project - an awareness campaign to inspire creativity and person centered dementia care.

* 8. Dr. Lisa Moyer of Winthop University -Research project - Is my grief too much for you? The Digitalization of Grief and Loss

* 9. General session banquet keynote speaker, Dr Ethel Jones - Building Relationships through Leadership

* 10. The pacing and organization of the conference over-all was...