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Lauren Vaughn (current board member) – “Growing up in Ionia I didn’t even know that there was a theatre program. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I even began participating backstage with ICT. Shortly thereafter I auditioned and got a part in Seussical The Musical which started my exciting journey with ICT. After taking a break and settling down in Wyoming, MI, I came back to ICT helping backstage. I was asked to be a part of The Board of Directors and, along with much help from my peers, was able to take on the role as the current Production Chair. With the unprecedented pandemic, this past season has been tumultuous and unpredictable. As a theatre family, it has brought on unforeseen hardship that hasn’t allowed us to be at our full potential. I would like to be able to continue to help the board and ICT excel and make the best come back possible. I want to be able to make ICT much more of a local household name, I want to be able to see all of the talent that the community has to offer. I am asking humbly to be re-elected to the board as the Production Chair. Thank you for your consideration.”
Shawn Jansma (current board member) – “My name is Shawn Jansma and I am up for re-election onto the Ionia Community Theatre Promotional chair. During my previous year on the board my proudest moment was spearheading our annual fundraisers silent auction. Spending several hours making contacts and promoting the theater in the process. The fundraiser was an outstanding success raising a majority of the funds for the event. By doing so it helped provide new microphones and other equipment for the theater. If re-elected I will continue to work with further fundraising efforts and hopefully reach out more into marketing our theater to new patrons and bring in new talent. I will strive to make new fundraising contacts with local businesses and put forth maximum effort.”
Sherry Ryan (current board member) – “Hi, my name is Sherry Ryan and I would like to continue on the Board for ICT. I am House chair right now, which I enjoy. I started volunteering backstage for IHS and ICT when my son Levi became involved as an actor. Between IHS and ICT I have worked painting sets, making props and even have been prop master on a few. I have been a ninja for several of ICT's productions, which I loved. I have made decorations for front of house, ran the ticket booth, ushered, and scheduled volunteers for both. I enjoy working with the theatre very much! Thank you!”
Marley Camacho (current board member) – “As the current Board of Directors President, my largest focus is on ‘big picture’ goals for our theatre group. I am looking for re-election this year so that I may continue to help train new leadership within our shows, build our relationships with other businesses in the community, and seek new and lucrative avenues for ICT. I bring years of experience onstage and backstage, 5+ years of experience on the Board, and am willing to work hard to take us to a new level."
Emily Slater – “My name is Emily Slater, and I am a longtime member of ICT. I have been involved with over a dozen shows both on stage and behind the scenes in multiple capacities, including directing Shrek the Musical and The Rocky Horror Show. I love our community, and want to be able to assist further by joining the board. In addition to my history with ICT, I also have experience in graphic design, web design and social media management, and would be able to provide free poster and marketing designs for the board without outsourcing. I would love to be able to make the board more self-sufficient and be able to help our group grow and hit the ground running when our world is back to normal.”
Greg Stratton – “I have a long history with ICT, and also have experience with FRCP, Civic Theatre, and Portland Theatre. My connections with those groups may be to our advantage. I would like to find a way to work with other local groups so that we may all benefit. Thanks for th

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