1. Identify your nominees. Select up to 15 students you wish to nominate to apply for the SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend. Keep track of your selected students. You’ll notify your students yourself, however, we would like to track if they apply and/or get accepted into LSU.

2. Notify your nominees. Use the letter below. You may email or hand-deliver your letter to your nominee.  Complete this process for each of your nominees (up to 15), reusing the letter below. The letter includes all of the information your students need to apply for SPRINGFEST. That’s it!   Please notify your nominees directly as we will not be able to provide this service. Please note that we will be unable to provide a list of nominated students to you, so it’s important to keep this record of your nominated students.

SPRINGFEST Recruitment is designed for students from underrepresented populations, such as American Indians, African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, and Asian Americans. We also welcome prospective first-generation college students and individuals from unique backgrounds. Students should be academically motivated, be enrolled in a curriculum that includes AP course(s), foreign language, and/or  advanced mathematics. Nominees should show active involvement in extracurricular activities and have demonstrated leadership.

QUESTIONS? CONTACT US! Office of Multicultural Affairs at oma@lsu.edu

Dear: ____________________________________________________________

You have been nominated to apply for the 2018 SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend at LSU.

What is SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend?
SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend is a special program that enables high-achieving juniors to experience college life on the LSU campus. Students spend two days visiting, meeting with faculty and staff, interacting with LSU students, and participating in cultural and social activities. All meals, housing, t-shirt, and program materials are included. You must provide your own transportation to LSU's campus.  By attending SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend, you will have an opportunity to talk with professors, and experience life on a college campus. You will also learn about admissions procedures and how to afford a college education. SPRINGFEST will challenge and encourage you to become a leader. You will leave wanting to know more about yourself and others and how to make a college experience work for you. Louisiana State University is a committed and inclusive community of people who care about your educational success!

Dates and Deadlines
The application deadline is January 31, 2018.  We encourage you to start early so you’ll have plenty of time to submit a thoughtful application. We plan to notify applicants of a decision by the beginning of March. 

SPRINGFEST Recruitment will be held:
April 20-22, 2018 

Now that you’ve been nominated, it’s time to apply!
1. Apply online. Go to the website (http://www.lsu.edu/diversity/oma/events/springfest/index.php) and click on "High School Juniors and Counselors" to apply for SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend. All applications must be submitted by March 02, 2018.

2. Submit your official high school transcript. Please ask your counselor to send you a scanned copy of your transcript. You will upload this transcript to your application form. We will not accept emailed or faxed transcripts.


Learn more about SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend online at: http://www.lsu.edu/diversity/oma/index.php
Office of Multicultural Affairs

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