* 1. How often do you surf?

* 2. My skill level at surfing is:

* 3. The reason (s) I got involved in surfing is/are (pick all that apply)

* 4. At what age did you start surfing? At what age were you most active in surfing? What is your current age?

* 5. Which statements about surfing do you believe are accurate (pick all that apply)

* 6. What stereotypes about surfers do you think are UNTRUE (example: all surfers have long hair):

* 7. In your opinion, how would you describe a typical true surfer (also known as a waxhead)?Please give examples of clothes, music taste, behaviors, language used, race, gender, interests other than surfing, anything you can tell me about a typical surfer....

* 8. Tell me anything else that you love about surfing or the culture surrounding surfing.

* 9. For statistical purposes, please provide the following information. Provide your email if you are willing to have me ask you a few follow-up questions about surfing. If not, it's cool.