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We are publishing a book based on counterintuitive findings from the science of parenting. This book will be an intellectual journey for readers. What we really mean by that is, "Don't go away, this book is not a boring parenting manual!" It's a book about science and the curious things in children's inner lives scientists have learned to measure.

Collectively, this new science reveals the oh-so-many ways that grownups and kids read the same situation quite differently. In fact, it’s usually the case that the more stressful a situation is for a child, the greater the gap between child and parent perception.

The following survey is simultaneously: 1) a way to deliver a very cryptic sneak peak at our material, 2) and a way to poll people on their beliefs about parenting. Some of the questions are like pop quizzes, asking you to estimate society-wide opinions or phenomena. In other questions, we really want to hear your own personal opinion, and there's no right answer. There are 17 questions in all. The answers will come at the end, with the very briefest of explanations.

If you're not a parent, or your kids are too young for the scenario, just imagine what you would do.

Knowing that our book focuses on the counterintuitive, you might be tempted to game the survey by choosing the opposite answer to your conventional assumption. We'd rather you threw trickery to the wind and simply gave your gut instinct.