* 1. Customer Service department's knowledge of products?

* 2. Customer Service department's responsiveness?

* 3. Quality of technical product support?

* 4. Acceptable lead time of product delivery?

* 5. Condition of product on delivery?

* 6. Quality of communication on any backorders, if any?

* 7.  How would you rate Phillips' responsiveness to warranty processing, if any?

* 8. How would you rate Phillips' company reputation?

* 9. How would you rate Phillips' overall performance?

* 10. How would you rate Phillips' new product development?

* 11.  Quality of Electrical Assemblies vs. Competition?

* 12. Quality of Electrical Connectors (Plugs & Sockets) vs. Competition?

* 13.  Quality of Air Assemblies vs. Competition?

* 14. Quality of Wire and Cable vs. Competition?

* 15. Quality of Harness over Competition?

* 16. Sales Force's product knowledge and responsiveness?

* 17.  How would you rate Phillips' assistance with training programs?

* 18. How would you rate the value of information on our website?

* 19. Please rank Phillips' promotions in creativity and product offering.

* 20. Are you aware that many of Phillips products and packaging can be recycled? If not, please take a moment to follow the link to learn more about our Environmental Policy . http://phillipsind.com/about_phillips/environmental_policy

* 21. Do you recycle Phillips product and/or packaging?

* 22. What drives your customer's purchasing decisions? (Rank most impactful to least impactful)

  Price Quality Availability (item in stock) Brand Loyalty Previous Purchase
Most Impactful
Least Impactful

* 23. In your opinion, how can Phillips improve, if at all?

* 24. Please select the currency for your $5 Starbucks gift card.

* 25. Thank you for taking our survey! Please enter your information below to receive your gift card!