* 1. Which facility do you use most frequently?

* 2. How often do you visit an Alexandria Library facility?

* 3. If you don't use the Library regularly, please tell us why?

* 4. What are your main reasons for using the Library?

* 5. Please rate the following

  Excellent Very Good Good Adequate Poor Do Not Use
Overall Library Services
Customer Service/Staff
Library Cleanliness
Hours of Operation
Library Website
Number of Computers Available
Wireless Service
Children's Programs
Adult Programs
Collections (books/DVDs/magazines)
Online Resources (e-books/databases)

* 6. For any items you rated poor, please tell us why:

* 7. Which of the following types of help from staff are most important to you? (Please check up to 3)

* 8. Overall, where would you like the Library to focus its resources? (Please check up to 3)

* 9. How do you typically access the Library's online resources? (Choose all that apply)

* 10. Which of the following online resources would you like the Library to emphasize? (Please check up to 3)

* 11. Beginning in 2010 the Library reduced operating hours due to budget reductions. If hours could be added to the Library's schedule, which of the following would be your preference?

* 12. Would you use materials in languages other than English?

* 13. Additional comments

* 14. Demographic Data

* 15. Gender

* 16. What is your age?