Model Curriculum Feedback Survey

Dear Colleagues:
The Department values your input as you review and use the draft units provided in the model curriculum. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your feedback is vital to making these units, and ultimately the full model curriculum, an integral resource for teachers across the state.

Thank you for contributing to this important work.

* 1. Please provide the following information:

* 2. Is the timeline realistic to complete the unit?

* 3. Are the essential questions aligned to the objectives and instructional processes?

* 4. Should essential questions be added, changed or deleted?

* 5. Are the essential learning objectives addressed effectively in the unit?

* 6. Do the assessments and instructional activities align to the learning objectives?

* 7. Do the provided assessments accurately measure student learning?

* 8. Do the assessments provide opportunities for students to adequately demonstrate their learning through higher order thinking?

* 9. Do you have other assessments that could be used for this unit?

* 10. Are the instructional strategies and activities appropriate for the unit?

* 11. Do the strategies and activities address the learning needs of ALL students, including students with disabilities and dual language learners?

* 12. Do the instructional strategies and activites include higher order thinking, problem solving, and reasoning?

* 13. What other instructional strategies and/or activities would you recommend?

* 14. Are you able to access all the links provided in the unit?

* 15. Do the links provide you with useful information?

* 16. Are there any resources/materials that you would need to purchase in order to teach this unit?

* 17. Are the provided materials and resources useful?

* 18. Do you have other materials/resources to recommend?

* 19. Would you recommend this unit to others? Why or why not?

* 20. How would you improve this unit?

* 21. Are there any mechanical (spelling, grammar) errors that need correction? If so, please cite them.