YAS Style Assessment 

The fashion style assessment focuses on your dominant clothing personality! Let's find yours!

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* 1. Your personality is often a strong indicator of your fashion persona. For example, a timid, soft-spoken personality usually gravitates towards soft and easy pieces. A spontaneous personality would most likely dress casual and comfy, probably more urban than the other fashionistas.

Select the attributes that best describe your personality:

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* 2. Accessories are said to be the window to the fashionista's soul. An accessory adds interest and character, which are strong indicators of your fashion persona.

What type of accessories dominates your wardrobe?

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* 3. Imagine you won a gift card from various clothing stores to put together your dream outfit.

Your dream outfit would be similar to:

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* 4. It's time to update your shoe closet and you head to your favorite shoe store.

What type of shoes catches your eye?

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* 5. Where you shop is another strong telltale sign of your dominant fashion persona.

So if you were to win a closet makeover from your favorite stores, which ones would that be?

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* 6. Question 6.
The inspiration we get for our outfits are usually "Channeled" from outside influences such as fashion magazines, celebs and fashion icons.

Which famous celebrity fashionistas would you say you look up to in terms of style?

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* 7. They say that your favorite colors tell what kind of person you are, and in this case, it can be a strong indicator of your dominant clothing personality which could be tied in to your coloring and what colors look good on you.

What are your favorite colors?

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* 8. Black pumps are considered to be every fashionista's core closet essentials.

What's YOUR interpretation of the black pump?