* 1. Please check one:

* 2. The training session purpose and focus was clear.

* 3. The length of the training session was

* 4. The review of the Superintendent's Memo Numbers 158-11, 149-11, and 148-11 by Terry Dougherty was useful.

* 5. The information on OMEGA (Online Management of Education Grand Awards) by Terry Dougherty was helpful.

* 6. The information on the CTE Financial Report (CTEFR) for 2010-2011 presented by Terry Dougherty was beneficial.

* 7. The information presented by Mark Burnet on CTERS (Career and Technical Education Reporting System) which included the Secondary Enrollment Demographics Report (SEDF), Performance Measures & Standards, Annual Performance Report, and Annual Wage and Hour Report (AWHR) was worthwhile.

* 8. The information presented on the CTE Student Follow-up Survey by Mark Burnet was advantageous.

* 9. The information presented on the Federal Program Monitoring and Self-assessment by Dr.Glenn Anderson was useful.

* 10. The training session met my expectatiions for content and usefulness of information.

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