What you think of these policy ideas from solar advocates and business people all over Oregon?

* 1. Push for Net Zero Building Codes by 2030 with solar onsite requirement

* 2. Extend the Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC)

* 3. Modify the mission of the Oregon Public Utility Commission to allow consideration of environmental impacts (modeled after the mission of California Public Utility Commission)

* 4. Create a tax incentive for commercial solar.

* 5. Accurately identify the full costs and benefits of all resources (account for the environmental externalities of fossil fuels)

* 6. Extend property tax exemption for solar.

* 7. Incentives for multi-family housing to install solar on apartment buildings.

* 8. Install solar on every new house worth more than $250,000.

* 9. All marijuana farms to be powered by solar.

* 10. Change building codes to increase energy efficiency and solar readiness in all new residential and commercial construction.

* 11. Bring PACE (Property-Assessed Clean Energy) financing to Oregon - ties cost of solar installation to building's property tax.

* 12. Mandate comparison of electric costs on basis of carbon.

* 13. Require all new commercial construction/buildings to produce x% of their electricity onsite.

* 14. Ensure community solar gets going strong.

* 15. Push for performance-based ratemaking.

* 16. Greater access to solar investments for low-income and nonprofit groups in Oregon.

* 17. Create a bond-based fund for community solar.

* 18. Create multi-gigawatt solar capacity goal with SRECs as a policy tool with a distributed generation and storage carveout.

* 19. Have the state issue revenue bonds backed by commercial customer power purchase argreements to finance 60% of the cost of commercial, industrial and ag projects (up to 5 MW). Include on-bill collection.

* 20. Decreasing the costs associated with research and manufacturing of solar installation and PV panels.

* 21. Explore a Resource Value of Solar Tariff.

* 22. Stop unbundling RECs for residential solar projects (allow homeowners to register and sell their RECs).

* 23. Eliminate the PUCs control over pricing of solar.

* 24. Eliminate the PUCs control over pricing of solar.

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