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Thank you for your interest in the Lakeside Global Trauma Workshops. 

Lakeside Global Inc. offers several 2-hour virtual workshops that inform participants on some of the basic physical, mental, and social outcomes of trauma. These workshops are topical and contextual to the issues that we encounter with children and adults impacted by trauma with the necessary information and basic skills required to be trauma-sensitive.

This application is for counties, agencies, providers, and organizations to apply for funding to host up to two (2) trauma workshops in your community or organization.  

You will be notified within 10 business days of the submission of a completed application if your county, agency, or organization has been approved for funding, and this may be based on the availability of funds from our funder. 

If approved, the cost of having trainers come to a designated location and provide up to two (2) trauma workshop trainings will be funded by the PA Care Partnership. (Meeting location, technology, food, or beverage funding is not included.) Approval for funding is at the discretion of the PA Care Partnership and must be in accordance with the goals and objectives of the System of Care Expansion and Sustainability Cooperative Agreement.

To be eligible to apply for training to be provided in your community, PA Care Partnership is seeking agencies, counties, and providers to host the training and advertise the training locally to county agencies, providers, youth, and families in your community. The training participants should work with or be involved with youth and young adults ages 0-21 and have a behavioral health diagnosis.  

Trauma Workshops Through Lakeside Global Institute
A maximum of 50 participants per workshop. Exceptions to a maximum of 50 participants per workshop can be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Continuing Education Units:  CEUs for the 2-hour workshops are provided by the PA Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, through Lakeside Global Institute.  More information on the CEU process is available once it is determined if the PA Care Partnership can assist in funding the training.   

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* 1. Please note:  This Lakeside Global Trauma Workshop training request form is to host a group training and not an individual request to attend a training.  The training request is for a county, agency, or provider to request hosting a training. I am requesting the training as a county, agency, or provider.

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