We would appreciate your comments on the Draft Research Agenda for Quitlines.

We are most interested in your help to prioritize the research questions. For each set of research areas, please indicate up to three research questions/areas you would rate as "high priority" for your work or for the quitline field on the next few pages.

If you have additional feedback on any of the individual research questions, or on the research agenda overall, you will have an opportunity to provide that after you identify your top priority research questions.

All questions are optional. Our highest priority is getting feedback from you on your priorities for the research questions/areas (questions 1-4). There are 8 questions in total; plus additional chances to provide specific feedback on individual items. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete questions 1-8. You should be able to leave the survey partway through and come back later to complete it, as long as your computer system allows Survey Monkey to use cookies. If you choose to provide additional detailed feedback about the research agenda, this will take more time and will vary depending on the amount of feedback you wish to provide

Thank you for your help in finalizing the Research Agenda for Quitlines!