First - Thank you for your time and willingness to participate in this survey.

Purpose of Survey- Mississippi State University, in cooperation with private investors, is investigating the feasibility of a cash-based marketplace for medical services. One aspect of this study is to evaluate if patients are willing to pay cash for the cost of medical services, in order to receive a significant discount (25% or greater) off of the existing price reduction offered by their health insurance plans. Additionally, this study is seeking to gain an understanding of the patient perspective as it relates to their current medical insurance plan.

Moreover, for the purposes of this survey, the option to pay cash should not be considered as an alternative to maintaining insurance coverage. Rather, paying cash should be understood as allowing the patient to make a payment that does not count towards insurance, but which provides a significant cost savings. Your feedback is valued and is essential to helping further our research.

Important Notes – This survey is intended to capture your thoughts on the healthcare marketplace. Below are a few notes regarding its administration:

· Survey is completely anonymous and will not collect identifying information that will lead back to any individual participant
· Participation is 100% voluntary and is open to the public
· All questions are optional, and you may progress through the survey by skipping those questions which you prefer not to answer
· This survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete

If you are currently on a family insurance plan: Please answer questions in light of your collective family's insurance usage rather than your own individual usage.