Dear respondent,

This survey is a part of the BioMonitor project, which has the overall objective to establish a monitoring and assessment framework for the EU bioeconomy. One of the project’s tasks is to develop an analysis toolbox to assess the future development of bioeconomy. The survey presents various topics to be analysed by the BioMonitor toolbox. We ask you to indicate how important these topics are for your organisation.

All responses will be treated anonymously and response cannot be traced back to persons or organizations. Read more about our privacy policy

In most of questions you should assign a number between 0 and 100 to judge how important a certain item is to your organization. Each judgment set is displayed on its own separate page. 
We are interested in finding which items are more important than others. This means that if you assign the same number to all items in a single judgment set (e.g. all 10, 50 or 100) - all judgment items are equally important. Please avoid these kind of answers. 

Some of the items are written in blue color. They have additional explanations and definitions, which can be accessed if you click on it. 

For any questions you can contact Marko Lovrić at