Dignity Action Day is set to take place again on 01st February 2014, it is not necessarily a day for the 'grand gesture' but more about taking the time to do something, however small to remind society that dignity in care is everybody's business. We are asking you to do something simple within your organisation which marks Dignity Action Day and to tell us about it, for example, many organisations are holding Digni-tea parties and submitting their PLEDGE to action this activity on the Dignity in Care website - click here We want the West Midlands to be ‘on the map’ as having recognised the importance of Dignity in Care and the National Dignity campaign. We want you to share your stories and experiences and celebrate them at a local event which will be hosted by your local partnership during February 2014, (details of local celebration events will be released early 2014).

* Establishment Name

* Contact Name

* Region

* 1. I will open all Emails with Dignity in the subject

* 2. I will promote and take part in Dignity Action Day (DAD)


* 3. I will ensure that my employees, people who use my service and families are invited or involved in my event


* 4. I will enter a pledge on the dignity in care website - click here I will also complete the box below to tell my local authority partnership what I am going to do

* 5. I will promote the seven common core principles to support dignity in adult social care