Thanks for your interest in Westfield Audio Arts.

If you run into any problems or are having trouble figuring out how to answer anything, don't hesitate to contact me! Also, an acceptable answer for any and all questions is "I don’t know." The only required answer is your contact info! I'm always happy to discuss your project and help you determine the best options for you.

Contact me (Mark Westfield) at 

* 1. Please supply contact information for the person who should receive the final files and can answer questions, even if that isn’t you.

* 2. How / where will the voice over be used?

* 3. What is the approximate word count? (page count is fine for larger projects)

* 4. By what date do you need the voice over completed?

* 5. What audio format do you require?

* 6. How would you like the file delivered to you? I can use any file sharing service you prefer (such as Dropbox, MediaFire, or Google Drive), email it to you, FTP the file, or even send you a CD containing the file.

* 7. Will you need me to add any background music or sound effects?

* 8. Will you need me to write or edit your script?

* 9. What is your budget for this project?

* 10. Do you have any specific guidelines for the project? For example, tone of voice: conversational, corporate, etc.; time coding information / read at a relaxed pace; sync to a video/actor; or any other type of direction.