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* 1. Do you think AIDS is a more or less urgent problem for Black Americans than it was a few years ago?

* 2. As far as you know, has the HIV epidemic had a greater impact, a smaller impact, or about the same impact on Black Americans as it has on whites in the U.S?

* 3. How concerned are you personally about becoming infected with HIV?

* 4. True or False: There are drugs available which can lengthen the lives of people who have HIV and AIDS:

* 5. True or False: A pregnant woman who has HIV can take certain drugs to reduce the risk of her baby being born infected:

* 6. True or False: Magic Johnson has been cured of AIDS:

* 7. Have you ever talked with a doctor or health care provider about HIV or AIDS?

* 8. Have you ever talked with a partner about HIV or AIDS?

* 9. Do you personally know anyone who now has AIDS, has died from AIDS, or has tested positive for HIV?

* 10. Have you ever been tested for HIV?