CCYL Survey 

Please help us evaluate how well we did this season by telling us about your experience with our program this season and your child's coaches. Our organization is committed to Positive Coaching Alliance ideals. We expect our coaches to be coaches who strive to help players learn lessons that will help them be successful in life

* 2. PLAYER SKILL: On a scale of 1 to 5 please rank if your player learned and developed new lacrosse skills

* 3.  Please rank your satisfaction with our youth lacrosse program:

* 4. Would you recommend Charm City Youth Lacrosse to others?:

* 5. How many of the clinics did your child attend?

* 6. What field did your child attend?

* 7. Please provide feedback and opinions about participation in the league for your child's team. Include comments about location, schedule, quality of officiating, etc.

* 9. How effective is the CCYL website in helping you navigate through the season?

* 10. How well does CCYL provide you with a proper amount of communication and updates?

* 12. Did you/your player participate in CCYL Field Trip to Banneker - Douglas Museum?  If so, please answer this question.

* 13. Additional comments regarding the Charm City Youth Lacrosse program and/or the coach(s). We really value your input and ask that for any and all feedback to improve the quality of our program.