Our Club: A place for everyone

'Our Club' was launched at the EFNL 2020 season forum in February.  It is a club strengthening initiative for local football clubs run in partnership with Councils, community health services, specialty services and the EFNL.  
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We want to celebrate the wonderful work clubs are doing – and showcase it to others!

We understand the important role footy clubs play in the local community, by bringing people together and we’re here to help. 

For all the impacts of COVID-19 – large and small – the ‘silver lining’ has been a greater desire to connect, keep local and support one another like never before.

Tell Us What You've Done  
We've seen some amazing club initiatives to keep members, players and supporters connected while footy is on hold.

Have you started online training for your teams?  Run big kick competitions?   Set up a social connection circle?  Tell us all about it so we can showcase these examples of resilience and adaptability to health, sporting, local/state government and other professionals! 

Tell Us What You’ve Noticed 
We'd love to learn what you’ve been seeing and hearing from your club and look at ways that we might support you.

We appreciate your time in completing this short survey which should only take about 5-10 minutes.

For more information or if you have any questions about this project or survey, please contact Kylie.osborne@oepcp.org.au (Our Club Project Coordinator).

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