Carrick Capital Partners invests more than financial capital in our portfolio companies. We offer deep operational experience, domain expertise, a network of customer and executive contacts, and the skills and knowledge it takes to scale mid-sized companies rapidly, manageably, and sustainably.

Below is a brief survey to help you determine if Carrick can help you achieve your business goals.

* 1. Do you have a clear and defensible competitive advantage (“value edge”) in the eyes of your target customer base? Can you clearly and succinctly explain your value edge in one page?

* 2. If you answered yes to the above question, please share your elevator pitch.

* 3. Are you interested in creative ways to improve your chances of scaling with quality?

* 4. Do you find yourself seeking additional eyes and ears to help you test ideas and warn you of pitfalls as you tackle growth challenges?

* 5. Are you wrestling with how to reach new customers who simply don’t know who you are or how you could benefit them?

* 6. Are you confused by the range and terms of financial offers from private equity firms and what they mean for you as an owner of your business?