Self Nomination for ACT Board Committees - October 23

As a membership organization, the strength of ACT lies in the collective effort of our members that volunteer their time and expertise!

ACT's committees work on behalf of the Board of Directors to provide advice and guidance on the organization's operations, leadership, programming, and policy; helping the Board build a solid foundation for a strong future.

Why volunteer to serve on a committee? Committees provide a unique opportunity for members to dive deep into a specific issue or topic area that is key to the success of the organization. Volunteering is also great professional development and provides opportunities to collaborate with TDM professionals from across the country and with varying backgrounds. By surrounding yourself with others who do what you do, you'll not only learn about the industry, expand your professional network and acquire new knowledge but you'll be helping ACT grow at the same time.

Criteria for Committee membership: Committee members must be ACT members in good standing. Agree to attend and participate in all committee meetings.

What else is there to know? Most committees will meet a minimum of four times a year. Some committees may meet in-person during ACT's International Conference. All committees will be chaired by a member of the Board of Directors. Members may submit interest in several committees but may only serve on one at a time. Committee terms are two-years, starting January 1, 2021 and expiring December 31, 2022.
Board Committees

Finance Committee: Charged with providing insight and recommendations to the Board to assure that the Association is financially sound. The Committee is encouraged to work with staff and the Association’s accountants, auditors, and other financial professionals to review the Association’s financial processes and make recommendations to the Board regarding ACT's long-term financial goals, annual budget, and other financial considerations.

Governance Committee: Charged with reviewing and enhancing the effectiveness of the ACT Board of Directors, facilitating the Board’s continued development, and adherence to the bylaws of the Association.

Membership CommitteeCharged with recruitment and retention of ACT members, ensuring sustained growth in all sectors of Transportation Demand Management industry.  The Committee will assist with regular assessments of membership satisfaction and involvement in chapter and council activities.  The Committee will identify and develop membership benefits. 

Professional Development Committee: To assist in identifying the training, education, and mentoring needs of the membership with a goal of advancing member knowledge of TDM and personal professional growth. The Committee will consider the needs of all members from new TDM professionals to retirees, along with all phases of a Member’s career, including challenges facing discreet populations of our Membership. 

Programs & Events CommitteeCharged with ensuring the organization is providing high quality and comprehensive programming throughout the year. Providing oversight and recommendations to the Board on the strategic use of events and programs to achieve the organization’s mission. 

Public Policy Committee: Charged with helping set the content of ACT’s public policy agenda. The Committee will create a venue for hearing, discussing, and formulating recommendations on policy positions for the association and advise the Board through persuasive policy related briefs.

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* 1. Contact Information

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* 2. Are you currently a member of the Association for Commuter Transportation?

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* 3. To help us ensure that a diversity of our membership is involved in the leadership of the organization, do you consider yourself to be a member of an ethnic, racial, gender, or other diverse identity?

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* 4. It is our desire to have committee members represent the wide variety of sectors involved in Transportation Demand Management.  Please let us know what best represents your sector.

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* 5. Please select up to three (3) committees that you are interested in serving on.  Committee membership is capped (review charters for membership structure information), but all efforts will be made to assign individuals to a committee of interest.

  First Choice Second Choice Third Choice
Finance Committee
Governance Committee
Membership Committee
Professional Development Committee
Programs & Events Committee
Public Policy Committee

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* 6. Provide a brief bio (please keep response to less than 100 words)

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* 7. Provide a statement of interest summarizing your desire to serve on the committee(s) you selected.

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* 8. Please list any other organizations (not including your own) with a focus on transportation for which you currently serve in any leadership capacity (Board, Advisory Group, Committee, etc).  

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* 9. ACT Board Committees will require participation at a minimum of four meetings per year, primarily via conference call, and possibly one in-person meeting during the International Conference.  Please acknowledge that you will be able to commit the time necessary to support the needs of the committee you are volunteering to serve by checking the box. 

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* 10. ACT members are required to sign a Conflict of Interest Statement in order to participate in a Board Committee.  Please upload a signed Conflict of Interest Statement.  Click here to download and then upload below.

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