USPSA National Championships Questions - Open/Limited-10/Revolver

Please take the time to answer the following questions from your USPSA Nationals experience.

If you have photos or links to videos from the match please send them to info @

Thanks so much!
Women of USPSA

* 1. Personal Info:
Email addresses will only be used to contact you for additional questions, request photos/video and to verify your identity for the interview.

* 2. Which division did you compete in?

* 3. What was your favorite stage and why?

* 4. It was a scorcher the week of the nationals. Did the heat have any affect on you?

* 5. Who was the one person who supported you the most for the match?

* 6. What was your goal for the match?

* 7. How did you feel that you performed? Did you achieve your goal?

* 8. If you could change one thing from the Nationals, what would it be? (This could be anything from a stage, a shot, a bad meal, forgetting your lucky rabbits foot.)

* 9. Did you have a special, memorable moment in the match? If so, please share it with us.

* 10. What did you do during your down time at the Nationals?

* 11. Please complete the following

* 12. How would you rate the match?

  AWESOME Good Average Poor
Courses of fire
Difficulty of shots
Skills tested
Timing of the match during the year
Overall experience

* 13. Is there anything else you would like to share?