We want to know how and why you use the Marine Conservation Society's Good Fish Guide and Fishonline websites so that we offer you the best possible advice for buying sustainable seafood. Please take part in our survey to help us achieve this - it will only take a few minutes.

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* 1. To enter our prize draw for a chance to win a free copy of the book, please provide your contact details.

* 2. What best describes you?

* 3. Have you used the Good Fish Guide or Fishonline websites before?

* 4. What are the MAIN reasons that you came to this site (you can choose more than one reason)?

* 5. What's most important to you when buying fish?

  Least important Most important
Easy to cook
Known or familiar species
How it's caught
Specific recipe/ meal in mind
Provenance - who caught it and where?

* 6. In order to help you choose the most sustainable fish, what further information might you need? (Please rank your choices in order of importance)

  Least important Most important
Where to buy it
What it tastes like
How to cook it
How to replace my normal choice with a sustainable alternative
Seasonal availability
Lists of fish species to eat and avoid

* 7. Which website are you currently using ?

* 8. (Good Fish Guide Users Only) When using the FIND A FISH function what information have you found the most helpful so far?

* 9. (Fishonline users only) When using the FIND A FISH function what information have you found the most helpful so far?

* 10. Did you find all the information that you were looking for?

* 11. Does the language used make sense to you?

* 12. How easy did you find it to navigate through the site?

* 13. What further information would encourage you to revisit this website?

  Least important Most important
Search for a fish/ Find a fish
Making sustainable choices when buying fish
Where to buy and eat sustainable fish
Fish health and welfare
Wider environmental impacts of fishing
How fish are caught and managed
Fish preparation, cooking and recipes
Fish farming and aquaculture
Topical fishery issues
How much fish we eat and why

* 14. What do you like best and least about the website?

* 15. What other sources of information on sustainable seafood do you use?

* 16. Finally, we would like to know more about you and your interest in sustainable fish and other aspects of marine conservation. Please tick ALL the things you are involved in or enjoy. MANY THANKS!