* 1. How many programs should the Friends present yearly?

* 2. When would be the best times for programs? Rate each of the following possible time-slots, noting how likely you would be to attend events scheduled then.

  Unlikely to attend. Somewhat likely to attend. More likely to attend.
Weekday afternoons (c. 4 p.m.)
Weekday evenings (c. 7 p.m.)
Weekend mornings (c. 10 or 11 a.m.)
Weekend afternoons (c. 2 or 3 p.m.)
Weekend evenings (c. 7 p.m.)

* 3. Which subjects for programs interest you? Rate each of these general subject areas, or suggest your own below.

  Uninteresting. Somewhat interesting. Very interesting.
Books and authors.
Current affairs.
History (including local).
Nature and science.
The arts.
Hiram College and the library.

* 4. Should the annual business meeting include a meal? Rank the following options from 1 (your preferred option) through 3 (your least favorite).

* 5. Which approach to the book sale do you prefer?

* 6. Would you be willing to play an active role in the Friends? Rate your desire to participate in the following ways. The committees mentioned below deal with specific tasks, like publicity; their members need not attend board meetings.

  Not interested. Somewhat interested. Quite interested. Already serve in this capacity.
An officer or board member.
A committee member.
A book sale volunteer.
An online book club member.

* 7. Any other suggestions or comments?