Joint Venture Strategy Session - Application Survey

1.Your Name and Best email address
2.Your Call preference (if you choose what's app call or phone number please add the number in the comments)
3.What's occupying your thoughts right now that we can help you overcome and achieve greater business success?
4.Do you have the freedom to choose your own schedule and workspace?
5.We would like to respectfully inquire about your current monthly revenue as we believe it's important to set realistic business goals for our joint venture that align with your current level of success, or slightly exceed it within a reasonable timeframe.
6.In order to provide a better connected business model for you to thrive, we would like to know more about your current challenges and time availability. Could you please share with us how much time per week you would ideally like to spend on your health and wellbeing business?
7.What do you feel is currently your biggest obstacle to hitting your desired goal of time spent on working in Corporate Wellness professionally?
8.How much are you willing to invest in realizing your dream of working without constraints of time and space, attracting your ideal customers, and pursuing your passion? During our strategy session, we will collaborate with you to create a business case based on your potential investment. We'll match your investment, double it, and demonstrate an ROI of at least 4x. Rest assured that there is no minimum investment required to start a joint venture with us.
9.We'll do a strategic business coaching call. In the call it will become clear what your next steps are. We are accepting a limited numbers of participants each month to start a joint venture in their chosen geography. If you are one of them, how soon can you get started?
10.Join our exclusive Moov-IT joint venture team and unlock a world of adventure, fun, and growth while building a profitable wellbeing business! We're looking for unique, passionate individuals who want to stand out from the crowd and leave their mark on the world. So tell us, what sets you apart from the rest and why should we choose you to be a part of our epic team?