SEN Sensory Playgroup

1.Do you have a child 0-5 years with diagnosed or suspected SEN/SEND?
2.Do you feel your child would benefit or already benefits from sensory play?
3.Would a sensory play based playgroup especially for children with SEN/SEND be something you would be interested in exploring?
4.Would you prefer a more support based SEN/SEND playgroup for families based around a particular learning or physical impairment (e.g Autism) or a more mixed ability setting suitable for varied needs more catered for children to play and socialise?
5.Which of these would be most beneficial to your child/children (Mark all that apply)
6.Which of the following would benefit YOU as a parent or carer? (mark all that apply)
7.What would be the best day and time for your family (mark all that apply)
8.How frequently would you like the playgroup to run?
9.What is the general nature of your child's SEN/SEND? (The below is a representative of conditions that affect a large majority of our Sensory4all currant customer family. Please mark all that apply if comfortable)
10.For grant funding purposes please could you supply your postcode. Thank you.