We want to make sure that our sessions at Hill Day 2012 match YOUR interests! Please share with us what sessions seem the most interesting to you - or suggest your own in the space below.

* 1. Will you be coming to Hill Day, June 25-26, 2012?

* 2. Please rank your interest in the following breakout sessions, with 1 being most interesting and 8 being least interesting to you.

  1 (most interesting) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (least interesting)
Advocacy 101 (This session will give advocacy tips and tricks for beginners.)
Advocacy 201 (Helps experienced advocates further hone their skills.)
Supreme Court: Implications of the ACA Decision (With Hill Day falling near the likely announcement of a Court decision on the ACA, this session offers insights into what the Court's decisions might mean.)
Non-Wonk's Guide to Health Reform (A refresher on what's in the ACA and what it means for you as a provider and an individual.)
Social Media and Healthcare (An interactive session to help you get started using social media for healthcare and policy advocacy. Bring your smartphone!)
Federal Grants Workshop (This session brings together federal grantmakers and a panel of your peers to talk about successful strategies for winning grants.)
Enrollment Strategies for the Future (This session offers concrete guidance on how to start educating and enrolling consumers now.)
Health IT Now (Walks you through how to take advantage of federal health IT incentive payments.)
Board Members Networking Breakout (A session for board members to share advice and hear from our leadership team about your role in advocacy.)