Patient Satisfaction Survey

Our goal is to provide you with quality radiology services in a comfortable and convenient setting. We are continually focused on improving the service we offer and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please take a moment to share your experience with our facility.

* 1. At which facility did you have your exam?

* 2. From your billing statement, could you please provide your account number or the name of the physician interpreting your exam:

* 3. What type of exam did you have?

* 4. Were you able to schedule your exam within a reasonable time period?

* 5. How was the greeting and assistance provided to you at the time of reception?

* 6. How was the friendliness and courtesy of the Radiology technologist that provided your service?

* 7. Were you provided with a clear explanation of your imaging examination by the technologist or radiology nurse?

* 8. Did you ask to speak to the radiologist regarding your exam?

* 9. If you met with the radiologist, did he/she listen carefully to you and show respect for your

* 10. Were the results of your exam made available to your primary physician in a timely manner?

* 11. Overall, how would you rate the care you received at this facility?

* 12. Did you find the overall facility clean and comfortable?

* 13. How likely are you to recommend this facility to others:

* 14. Did you access our website prior to your exam?

* 15. Did you find our website helpful?

* 16. If the answer to #15 is no, what other information would have been helpful for us to include on our website:

* 17. If you have additional feedback you would like to provide you may do so below: