Youth Caucus Presidential Delegates

The GPUS Youth Caucus has two delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention happening this August in Houston, TX.

Our by-laws require that these two delegates be allocated proportionally to the vote total. We are using this online proportional voting calculator: with no set minimum threshold for obtaining a delegate. Essentially, if any candidate happens to get twice the total of any other candidate, they get both delegates. Otherwise, each top-two vote getter will receive one delegate.

You must be a member of the Youth Caucus for your vote to be counted. If you are a Green registered with your state party between the ages of 14-36, and registered with the Youth Caucus at then you are eligible to vote. Young persons who are not registered with their state's Green Party but are still encouraged to sign up at our website to stay in touch with updates.

Voting is open until Monday, April 4 at 11:59pm Eastern.
Votes made at Tuesday, April 5 at 12:00am Eastern will not be counted.

* 1. Name

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* 5. Are you a registered member of the Youth Caucus?

* 6. Who would you like to cast your vote for to be the Green Party presidential candidate?