Background and Participant Information

Deadline: Currently Open Until Further Notice

The LWV Duluth is embarking on a study of the Food Systems in our Local Schools, under the jurisdiction of ISD 709. The following survey will:

First - provide us with a background of general impressions related to our investigation topic to: a.) note areas of concern; b.) aid in the development of marketing materials.

Second - allow us to determine the level of interest in participation in the actual study from our members and other interested parties.

This study was voted on and approved by a majority of our membership in May 2013. The study process has begun and will continue through March of 2015, or until a consensus related to the topic is reached and again voted on by the membership. The study information gathered and compiled will be evaluated per our by-laws under the established LWV Consensus process to determine if a Program Policy position related to Food in Our Schools might be added to those policy positions currently supported by LWV Duluth.

You are welcome to provide contact information, OR enter your answers anomalously. If you have specific questions related to the LWV Program process, this study, or other ways that you might be involved, please feel free to contact either of the Committee Co-Chairs listed below:

Chelsea Helmer at

Zandy Zwiebel at

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have an entry for the first three questions below. You can use "Anonymous" if you prefer. You will need to go to the BOTTOM of the each page and click “Next” to proceed onto the next set of survey questions. You MUST click the "DONE" button on the bottom of page 8 in order for your information to be included and evaluated.

The survey responses are limited to ONE per computer. You CAN review this survey without submitting your information. You can also exit and re-enter the program where you left off by clicking the survey link from the SAME computer. HOWEVER, once you click the “DONE" button on page 7, you will NOT be able to access the survey again to alter your responses.

If you have problems, accidentally click “DONE”, or need to resubmit your information, please contact Zandy Zwiebel with the date and time of your responses, at so the results submitted in error can be removed and you can try again. THANK YOU!


Question Title

* 1. Please provided your name (Anonymous is optional), role YOU are claiming (i.e.: elected official, parent, teacher, interested party, PTA member, etc.) and contact information if you have an interest in participating or being kept informed.

*The below questions require a response. Please DO supply a ROLE for analysis purposes. You are welcome to use Anonymous and N/A in other spaces if you are NOT interested in working on the actual study, but would like to supply us background on you impressions of our local school food environment.

Question Title

* 2. Please provide the name of any organization you are representing. If you are dues paying (voting eligible) member of LWV Duluth PLEASE indicate that here. (You need NOT have an affiliation and are welcome to say NONE).