Thank you for your interest in the Citizen Science Association.
The Citizen Science Association (CSA) aims to enable a community of practice that supports local, regional and global citizen science by providing a platform for leadership, networking and resources. The CSA adopts a broad definition of "citizen science," and aims to build collaborations across disciplines, traditions, and geographic boundaries. More information about the CSA, including the Association's goals, can be found at CitizenScienceAssociation.org.

The CSA is currently offering free, inaugural membership. The CSA is in the process of establishing bylaws, non-profit status, website, staffing, funding, and other aspects of setting up an organization. Inaugural members can help to shape and build the CSA, with early benefits to include voting rights on key decisions about direction, priorities, and leadership.

This questionnaire is an early opportunity to help build the CSA. Your responses here will help the CSA:
      • UNDERSTAND the diverse needs, interests, and expertise within the community
      • INFORM potential funders of the composition and capacity of the community
      • GAUGE the energy, initiative, and commitment of the community in CSA activities

Important small-print stuff:
Length. This questionnaire could take as long as 25 minutes to fill out. You are welcome to leave the form at any point - if you return using the same computer, the form should pick up where you left off.

Anonymity. Your responses here are anonymous. If you are interested in association membership, a link at the end of this questionnaire will take you to a separate form to sign up. Membership is not contingent on your responses here, and you could sign up immediately at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CSAmembershipdirect, but please first take advantage of this opportunity to provide feedback and shape the direction of some key association initiatives.

Terms of use: Responses to this questionnaire will be used solely for the purposes of informing the Association's direction and growth. Although summaries of aggregate data will be shared with partnering organizations and potential funders, none of the information you share will be associated with your identity. For the community benefit, aggregate responses will be posted online at a later date. Responses will never be sold.

* By clicking “I have read and agreed to the terms” below, you consent to share your responses under the above conditions.

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