Power Plant Christmas Musical Participation and Consent Form

* 1. Name of Child or Children:

* 2. Name of Parent/Guardian and contact info:

* 3. I fully understand that my child may be included in photos or videos of the production. It may be necessary for program staff to photograph or videotape participating youth during the rehearsal process.

* 4. I understand that my child may be measured for costume purposes by our costumer, if necessary.

* 5. T- Shirt size for child or children (Please mark if adult or youth sizes):

* 6. I, the undersigned, am the parent and/or legal guardian of the below identified child. By and through my signature affixed below, I do hereby give my authorization and consent for my child to participate in the Findlay First Nazarene Power Plant Musical.

I understand that my child will participate in musical rehearsals during Power Plant on Sunday mornings. If my child has a speaking part, my child will be able to attend rehearsals on Wednesday evenings on a regular basis. I understand that my child may require extra study time at home for any lines, if granted. I also acknowledge that, if my child is unable to attend rehearsals for speaking lines, I may mark the option for “chorus only” below.

* 7. My child is interested in the following roles in the musical:

* 8. Please, list any speaking roles the child may be interested in, or state "ANY"

* 9. Please, fill out if interested in a dance ensemble

* 10. By signing below, you understand the responsibilities and expectations of the children and parent/guardian regarding participation in the Christmas Musical. The following child/children will participate in the musical at Findlay First Church of the Nazarene in December and attend the mandatory rehearsal the Saturday prior to performance. I recognize the importance of attending as many rehearsals as possible, committing some time to studying the lines/songs outside of church, and having a fun time while doing it!