Good day! My Name Is PP Madhukar and I am a Marketing Student of a Top Canadian University. I am conducting this survey for a Course Project and would appreciate all your help by filling it in completely. All answers and data from this survey are anonymized and kept confidential.

* 1. What Smartphone platform do you use?

* 2. What accessibility features do you regularly use on your smart phone?

* 3. What kinds of restaurants have you visited in the past six months? Check all that apply.

* 4. How often do you eat out from the following establishments?

  A Few Times A Week A Few Times A Month A Few Times A Year Never
Sit down restaurants (e.g. pubs, fine dining, family dining, etc.)
Fast food restaurants
Take out restaurants (e.g. coffee bars, ice cream shops, etc.)

* 5. How frequently do you research a restaurant to discover menu options or specials?

* 6. When dining with others in a restaurant, how do you prefer to read the menu?

* 7. When dining by yourself in a restaurant, how do you prefer to read a restaurant menu?

* 8. How often do you use restaurant discovery/review apps like Yelp, Open Table, Urban Spoon etc.?

* 9. Do you use any of these accessibility apps for reading restaurant menus or menu boards?

  Yes No
Seeing AI
KNFB Reader

* 10. If you could easily get and read restaurant menus on your phone, how willing would you be to:

  Totally willing Hesitant, but I’d try it Not interested.
Try new restaurants?
Try other items at a restaurant?
Dine alone?
Dine with others?