The purpose of this assessment is to gather feedback from students in order to improve the presentation and material for future workshops. Please complete the short questionnaire as your feedback is important to us. Your responses are anonymous and will be kept confidential.

* 1. In what situations while writing an essay must you include an in-text citation? Choose the best answer.

* 2. A student writing her essay quotes information she read on p. 16 of the book Adoption and Surrogate Pregnancy by Faith Merino. 

Which of the following uses MLA style to correctly provide an in-text citation for the quoted information? Choose the best answer.

* 3. Which of the following are true statements about containers in MLA style, 8th edition? Choose the best answer.

* 4. What do you now know about citing in MLA style (8th ed.) that you did not know at the start of the workshop?

* 5. What is your gender?

* 6. What is your race or ethnicity?

* 7. Which of the following groups do you identify with? (Choose as many as applicable)