This short rating scale helps me know more about how to work best with my clients. It allows you to confidentially assess your most recent session with me. Please give me your honest opinion. This scale is a modified version of the Session Rating Scale created by Scott D. Miller, Barry L. Duncan, & Lynn Johnson of the Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change (

* 1. Relationship

  Not at all Somewhat Very much
I felt Bill heard, understood and respected me.

* 2. Goals and Topics

  Not at all Somewhat Very much
We worked on and talked about what I wanted to work on and talk about.

* 3. Approach or Method

  Not at all Somewhat Very much
Bill's approach was a good fit for me.

* 4. Overall Impression

  There was something missing in the session. Overall the session was right for me.
Overall I feel....

* 5. If you would like to provide your name, please do so (optional).