PHS Top Spots is an annual resource list of the best places for families of children with special needs. At PHS we care that all children with special needs thrive, and we want your help in creating the ultimate go-to list of resources for your family and families across the state.

We would love your input on the categories below - don't see your top spot? Add it with the 'other' option! Let us know your favorite places or resources that help your family thrive in the community, and if you have a story, feel free to share that too. Then go ahead and share it with other special needs families and providers in your community - the more the merrier. 

The survey will be open through May 31. Winners will be announced at the end of June and final list will be available as a resource on the PHS website for all special needs families to take advantage of. We will survey families annually and update the Top Spots so you always have an updated list. 

* 1. What is your favorite adaptive playground?

* 2. What is your favorite Minnesota State Park?

* 3. What is your favorite adaptive/accessible sport organization?

* 4. What is your favorite indoor play space?

* 5. What is your favorite family support group or organization?

* 6. What is your favorite parent blog, online group, or podcast?

* 7. What is your favorite entertainment venue (sports, concert, theater, etc.)?

* 8. What is your favorite public library?

* 9. What is your favorite museum?

* 10. What is your favorite family overnight getaway?

* 11. What is your favorite summer camp?

* 12. What is your favorite place to recharge?

* 13. What is your name and email address?

* 14. What is your zip code? (This will help us understand locations of responses if no specific location was added)

* 15. How did you hear about the survey?