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* 1. Click the link of the payment method you would like to use below and you will be directed to a new window to send the amount of money you desire to donate to SAFE. Make sure you click on the link for the payment method you prefer and follow it all the way through to make your donation, simply clicking which option you want won't result in any money being donated.
*Disclaimer: The Venmo and PayPal accounts are under my personal/family name, but all the money will be going DIRECTLY to SAFE and used for nothing else, this is just the easiest form of retrieving payment without having to go through multiple extra parties. So rest assured, your money will be going towards ONLY EXACTLY what you are donating it for.

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* 2. Is there a specific initiative of SAFE's that you would like your donation to be put towards?

Thank you SO MUCH for your charitable donation, your generosity is not going unnoticed, and I, as well as all the pantries affiliated with SAFE and everyone else who has helped bring SAFE to life and make it what it is, appreciate it more than you could ever know. If you ever want to check in on the impact your donation is making/has made, feel free to shot me an email at ( or check SAFE’s website at ( to see what we’ve been up to.
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