Foxborough Planning Board - Transit Needs Survey

The Foxborough Planning Board has begun the process of examining whether the local transportation needs of Foxborough residents are being met with existing local transportation options. Over the next month the Town of Foxborough will be conducting outreach to gauge whether or not further steps should be taken to examine the possibility of expanding or enhancing intra-town and regional transportation services. Residents of all ages are encouraged to complete this survey; however we are particularly interested in speaking with military veterans, citizens with a disability and residents over the age of 65. Whether or not you have access to a car, or do not drive as a result of physical conditions, economic restrictions, or personal choice, we want to learn more about their transportation requirements. Please share your story about where you need to go, how you typically get there, and join the discussion about how local transportation services could better serve you now or in the future.

This survey will close on Friday August 17 at 4PM. If you have any questions, or if you have difficulty completing this survey online please contact Kyle Greaves at 508-543-1250 or by email at

* 1. Select the category below that includes your age

* 2. Are you a U.S. Military Veteran?

* 3. Do you currently have a disability that makes driving difficult or impossible?

* 4. Do you own a car or have regular access to someone who owns a car?

* 5. Have any of the following activities been difficult or impossible because you did not have access to a car? (You may select multiple answers)

* 6. Have existing transportation services ever prevented you from shopping or traveling at your preferred destination?

* 7. If existing transportation service hours were extended to include select nights, weekends and holidays, how likely would you be to take advantage of these increased hours of operation?

* 8. Where do you typically travel for your medical appointments? (Please select all that apply)

* 9. Which of the following transportation services have you used and how frequently?

  Weekly Every 2-3 Weeks Every Month Every 2-3 Months or more Never
GATRA Dial-A-Ride
GATRA Long Distance Medical Transport

* 10. How satisfied are you with existing transportation services?

* 11. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?