To the North Shore Business Community - Please take 1-minute of your time and complete our new Survey regarding pending legislation that will ultimately impact your Business.  **No Contact Information received for this survey will be shared with anyone -- and is strictly confidential.

* 1. Contact Info (Kept Confidential)

* 2. Roughly how many full-time employees currently work for your organization?

* 4. How Concerned are You about the Initiative Petitions on the 2018 Ballot?

  Not Concerned Concerned Very Concerned
Millionaire’s Tax - (Income Tax for Education and Transportation Amendment)
The Paid Family & Medical Leave Act
The proposed Minimum Wage Increase to $15
Sales Tax Decrease Initiative (from 6.5% to either 4.5% or 5.0%)

* 5. Choose Top 3 - Most Important Issues to You & Your Firm

* 6. Would You Consider joining a Task Force regarding These Issues?