Learning Institute Overview

The BioCanRx Cancer Stakeholder Alliance Learning Institute is entering its’ 6th year, having debuted at BioCanRx’s annual scientific conference - Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy (Summit4CI) in 2017. BioCanRx is a federally funded network that aims to bring promising cancer immunotherapies to the clinic by using a network approach - funding researchers, proving training, and engaging key stakeholders including patients and caregivers. The BioCanRx-Cancer Stakeholder Alliance Learning Institute brings together leaders from oncology patient communities and academic scholars from the immunotherapy research community to engage in interactive and collaborative knowledge exchange activities at the annual Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy.

Academic and Patient Scholars use their unique perspectives and knowledge in discussions about advances in immuno-oncology research and the importance of the engagement of patients and the public. Scholars will build networks with each other and the larger community to deepen their understanding of knowledge translation and the importance of strong patient-researcher partnerships and dialogue. 

What are the goals of the Learning Institute?
  • To create a model of learning that encourages, supports, and creates the integration of patient leaders into the scientific conference, 
  • To highlight the patient/caregiver perspective to ensure cancer research is well informed by the patient voice and lived experience, and 
  • To ensure that scientific research presented at the conference is translated to patient participants in an understandable way so that it can be shared with interested partners. 
What are the main components of the Learning Institute?
  • Pre-Summit training to learn about basic cancer biology and immunotherapy, as well as strategies in science communication
  • A “buddy system”, where Patient Scholars are paired with Academic Scholars for the duration of the program
  • A series of high-energy knowledge exchange sessions where groups discuss and present key takeaways from the day’s talks
  • A patient-researcher roundtable where LI participants engage with BioCanRx-funded investigators about ongoing research projects
  • The creation of a community dissemination report, co-authored by LI participants