In a recent scientific survey, we asked more than 20,000 education leaders to list the most important elements of classroom management. After analyzing thousands of responses, the 22 most frequently mentioned answers are listed below (in alphabetical order).

Now we would like to ask your help in rating the relative importance of each of these elements of classroom management.

After registering your ratings you may view the results of all the responses to-date so you can use the information in your own work with teachers.

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* 1. "Please rate the importance of EACH of the following elements of classroom management
as identified by education leaders in a recent national survey. A rating of "1" is Very
Important, "5" is Not Important."

  1. Very Important 2. 3. 4. 5. Not Important
a. Arranging the classroom - seating, use of space, etc.
b. Communicating with students
c. Dealing with diversity
d. Dealing with inclusion - working with special needs students
e. Establishing classroom rules, procedures and routines
f. Establishing positive teacher-parent relationships
g. Establishing positive teacher-student relationships - connecting with students
h. Incorporating specialists in the classroom
i. Integrating technology in the classroom
j. Keeping parents informed
k. Maintaining records
l. Maintaining students' attention and focus - keeping students on task
m. Managing student behavior - discipline
n. Managing student work
o. Managing time
p. Managing transitions - subject-to-subject or class-to-class
q. Monitoring & documenting student progress/learning
r. Motivating students to learn
s. Organizing teacher materials and supplies
t. Planning and preparation of lessons
u. Recognizing individual student's needs - differentiated instruction
v. Setting clear goals and expectations for students

* 2. Based on your years of experience in education, if you could give teachers just one piece of advice about improving classroom management, what would it be?

Thank you for your time!

We appreciate your opinions and ideas.

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