* 1. Was the Virtual Field Day a better use of your time than the face to face Field Day held on the St. Paul Campus?

* 2. Would you still like to have a face to face Field Day in the years to come?

* 3. If you answered 'yes' to the previous question, please describe why.

* 4. Of the videos that you viewed, what was your overall impression of the presentation and video production quality?

* 5. Was the accompanying text helpful in capturing the speaker's information, or did it detract from the presentation?

* 6. Comments on the presentation and video quality?

* 7. When you watched the videos did you watch the complete video or did you stop part way through?

* 8. If you stopped part way through, what was your reason for doing so?

* 9. The range of Virtual Field Day topics was.....

* 10. Please comment on the topics or information that you would like included (or omitted) from the Virtual Field Day.

* 11. On a scale of 1-5, please indicate if the Virtual Field Day will lead to changes in your lawn and landscape management practices.

* 12. If you plan to make changes in your lawn and landscape management practices, please cite 1 or 2 relevant changes that you gained from viewing the Virtual Field Day.

* 13. Comments on your overall Virtual Field Day experience and suggestions for improvement.

* 14. Please indicate your occupation or interest in the Virtual Field Day.

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