The DNA in your genes provides all of the instructions for you to grow throughout your lifetime. Genetics is the study of how genes pass from parents to children. Genomics is the study of all of a person’s genes and their function in the body.

We’d like to learn what people would like to know about DNA, genes, genetics and genomics. The information from this survey will inform development of educational materials and programs for the public.

This survey is being distributed by a group of universities, science centers, community organizations, patient support groups, and others who develop educational materials and programs, most of which are free for the public.

We invite you to participate and share your thoughts!

* 1. Which of the following topics about the role of DNA and genes do you think members of your community would like to know more about?

Check the top 5 topics.

* 2. In what ways are members of your community most likely to learn about the above topics?

Check the top 4 ways.

* 3. What about DNA and genes would be most exciting to your community?

* 4. We recognize that different communities have had a range of experiences with DNA and genetic testing. Many scientific advances have had positive impacts on people’s lives, such as those Angelina Jolie experienced with breast cancer and identifying the best drugs to treat it. However, there also have been unpardonable injustices such as Tuskegee.

What concerns might your community have?

* 5. About Your Community:

 Is your community?

* 6. Please describe your community (such as, disease focus, race/ethnicity, gender identity, age range, location, etc.)