Please help us to improve our systems, resources and teaching methods by answering some questions about the Programme of Study you have been undertaking. All answers are anonymous.

1. I find the Programme of Study to be well structured and organised

2. Are the amount of hours you have been allocated each week

3. Have you experienced barriers to attending your Programme? If so please indicate below what they were. Tick all the answers that apply.

4. How much home study have you been completing each week on average?

5. How much has your confidence grown as you progress through the Programme?

6. What do you think about the Course training manuals and assessments?

7. Do you think the training manuals are well laid out? (E.g. there is enough white space, diagrams are easy to follow etc.)

8. While you have been on this Programme of Study do you think your reading or maths skills have improved?

9. Thinking about our physical resources (e.g. computers, printers, tables, chairs, calculators, etc.), do you consider these are adequate for the Programme you are undertaking?

10. Thinking about the premises and environment where your Programme of Study is delivered, are there any concerns you wish to raise? Please tick all the areas you have concerns about and make any comments below.

Thank you for completing this evaluation. After you click the [DONE] button you can close this tab. This will return you to the Success Education and Training web page so you can complete the other evaluations. There are four in total.