Value added

Accessing big data, stored by multiple sources (individuals or devices) can have significant value added. 

Question Title

* 1. Does access to big data provides value added?

  For individuals For organisations For the society
Trafic optimization
Finding and sharing a car based on your location and destination
Weather analysis
Receiving weather alerts to protect your car
Smart home appliances analysis
Optimising the heating/light/fresh air with smart regulation
Social network analysis
Find the best rated travel destinations applying to your lifestyle
Surveillance cameras analysis
Gain access to restricted areas using face recognition software
Smart product identification
Manage shoes production based on shoes RFID, sold in shoe stores
Finance data analysis
React correctly on an outstanding invoice, that should already be paid
Business data planning
Plan the new drink flavor sales, based on the advertising feedback in the social media 
Business environment data analysis
Find a capable Headlight supplier for a new car design
Medical data analysis
Find a correct diagnosis and propose a correct treatment strategy
Wearable device analysis
Preventing a heart attack by monitoring heartbeat while excersising
Blended data analysis
Preventing riots by the Police officers
Mobile operater data analysis
Optimise the service quality to individual requests