About This Survey

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I hereby consent to participate in a research study conducted by Mansoor Saqib, Alison Wu, Artem Tselikov, William Lu, Maggie Cheung as part of a Spring 2017 semester project for CSC318, Design of Interactive Computational Media, a course offered by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto.

I agree to participate in this study the purpose of which is to gather information about habits and tendencies relating to sustainability and environmental activities.

I understand that:
  • The study will be conducted on the internet by filling in a questionnaire form and will take approximately 10-12 minutes of my time.
  • There are no risks involved in participating in this activity, beyond those risks experienced in everyday life.
  • I will receive no compensation for my participation.
  • I am free to withdraw at any time during the study without any explanation or penalty.
  • All materials and results will be kept confidential, and, in particular, that my name and any identifying or identified information will not be associated with the data.
  • I can contact the course lecturer, Velian Pandeliev (vpandeli@cs.utoronto.ca) with any questions or concerns.