This site may be used to suggest candidates for SIAM officers to the Nominating Committee.

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Please provide the name and institution (if known) for each person you suggest, one suggestion (name - institution) per line. You may enter multiple suggested candidates for a given position by entering each suggestion on a separate line. When you are finished click on the word < Submit > at the bottom of the page. To serve as an officer or on the Board or Council, a candidate must be a member of SIAM. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the management of the Society, taking into account the professional and scientific policies and objectives of the Society. The Board has full legal control of the funds, investments and properties of the Society and is responsible for the overall management and direction of the Society. The Board annually elects its Chair from among the Board members at the December meeting. The Council formulates scientific policy of the Society, monitors technical activities, proposes new activities, and recommends action to the Board, as appropriate. The SIAM President chairs the Council. Names of persons eligible will be submitted to the Nominating Committee for their consideration when drawing up a slate of candidates. Please remember to click < Submit > to record your suggestions and exit. Thank you.

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