2013 Families in Global Transition

Thank you for your interest in making a presentation at the 15th Annual 2013 Families in Global Transition International Conference (March 22-23, 2013 in Silver Spring, MD).

All proposals should be submitted for review by the FIGT Program Committee, using this on-line tool, BY SEPTEMBER 10, 2012. It is easy and straightforward to use - just fill in your answers and click "Next" at the bottom of each page, until you reach the "Thank You" page at the end. When you are all finished, click the "My submission is now complete" button you will find there. You will get a confirmation and a copy of what you submitted within three days.

You may submit more than one proposal type (Research Session, Concurrent Session, Ignite Session and/or Kitchen Table Conversation) using this tool.

Two quick technical points:

(1) You do not need to complete your proposal in one sitting. But if you do stop before you are finished, BE SURE TO CLICK 'NEXT' AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE YOU HAVE COMPLETED AND THEN 'EXIT SURVEY.' Then, when you come back to make changes, be sure you use the same computer - in that case, what you wrote earlier will show up on your screen and you can continue from there. It will "remember" anything you typed prior to your clicking a "Next" button at the bottom of a page, and will re-start you at the following page. When you return, you will be taken to the next page in the system. Scroll down to the bottom and click "Previous" to double-check that your text is there, and to continue from that page. You will be able to make changes until, at the very end, you have clicked "Done." Contact Maureen Gelwicks at mgelwicks@figt.org or 202-360-4916 if you have trouble.

(2) Unfortunately, this on-line tool does not allow formatting tools like bullets, outlines, or even paragraph indents. You may type them but what we receive is one big block of text for each answer box. So please type single paragraphs into each box.

This tool significantly streamlines FIGT's ability to gather and use the information you submit. If you have questions about it, please contact Maureen Gelwicks at mgelwicks@figt.org.

Ready to start? Just click "Next" below!